Complexity and elegance: Cuvée Prestige

Complexity and elegance: Cuvée Prestige

For its realization, Panciu Cuvée Prestige Domains – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Fetească Regală the oenologists from Panciu Domains chose to make a cuvée from 2 international grape varieties – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir together with the star of the vineyard – the Romanian variety, Feteasca Regală.

By secondary fermentation in the glass of the wine blend, maturation in special conditions for at least 18 months and disgorging „à la volée” (without refrigerating the bottle), it was possible to preserve the refinement of sparkling wines in the style of the famous monk Dom Perignon completed by the terroir Panciu.

The color is straw yellow and we feel the aromas of cozonac that gradually evolve into aromas of dried white fruit and honey.

The complex taste of figs, dried apricots, roasted walnuts and light citrus notes is prolonged by a persistent and pleasant aftertaste that reminds us of fine French pastries.

By combining Cuvée Prestige Domains Panciu with crab specialties, smoked salmon, sturgeon caviar, freshwater shrimp and foie gras – we can discover new gastronomic experiences.

It is recommended to consume it after at least two months from the date of disgorging indicated on the label at a temperature of 5-70C.


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